Time for me so solve the big mystery: How in the world can I hand out free copper mug sets… without going bust?

It’s really very simple. If you love your copper mugs…

… help me spread the word by telling your friends about them.

That way I get to sell a couple more mugs — which means I can give you a jam-packed copper mug set totally free, while breaking even.

Here’s how it works. Below, you’ll find your unique tracking link. When your friends click that link, I’ll know you referred them. And when just one of your friends decides to give the mugs a try, I’ll give you a copper mug set on the house.

Best part: I’ve made it push-button simple for you to share your link with a bunch of your friends. Just click the social media links below.

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The choice is yours…

It's a win-win-win: you win because you get awesome free stuff…

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You just need to click a couple of buttons. If your friends’ tastes are anything like yours, then your free mugs will be making their way to you before you know it.

Do you have to share? No, of course not!

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Do that once, and you’ll get to enjoy your free mugs for life.

Sound fair?

The choice is yours.

Warm regards,

Samina Rangwala
Co-founder & CEO, Maison Parfaite