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My new product is a Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set.

If you're familiar with this type of product, and for some reason you would not be particularly excited about receiving a set for free… please do not worry. You can simply decline to get this product for free – and you can get the next product I release completely free of charge instead.

If you're not familiar with Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, please read on for the details…

What is a Moscow Mule Copper Mug?

Copper mugs are most commonly used to make Moscow Mules, a cocktail comprised of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.

The mug itself is usually considered the 4th ingredient because copper reacts with the ginger and lime components of the drink and enhances the flavor, resulting in a unique experience.

Despite the name, the Moscow Mule was invented in the good old USA, and was – around the time of its invention – one of the most popular drinks in all the land. Celebrated Hollywood actors couldn't get enough of it.

In recent years, the Moscow Mule has seen a massive resurgence in popularity, and copper mugs are in huge demand. Here’s why…

  • They’re great for serving all kinds of drinks, including non-alcoholic ones.
  • They keep drinks cold for longer.
  • They make a big impression at parties.
  • And of course: Moscow Mules taste amazing!

Our copper mugs are, to the best of our knowledge, the only lab certified 100% copper mugs available on the market today.

There are 4 options available on the Amazon page. You can get any one of them totally free.

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