Samina here.

I've got seriously good news for you.

In addition to the purchase you made today…

... I’m going to give you the chance to quickly and easily claim my next product absolutely free, right on this page.

Yes, you read that right. FREE!

I know that's a little unusual. How could I possibly hand out free stuff of such high value to each and every customer?

Am I an eccentric billionaire?

Not quite! Maison Parfaite is just a small family company, and we appreciate your support in a big way. We’re truly, deeply grateful you chose us.

But we don’t think gratitude is something to just talk about. We believe it has to be shown. Actions speak louder than words, right?

So we sat down and had a long, hard think about how we might be able to give free products to our awesome customers… without losing our shirts.

It took a while, but we eventually figured it out! And rest assured we’ve made it dead simple for you to claim your free product.

It’s just the way we do things… and it results in happiness like this:

“I hit a HOME RUN in finding this incredible company.”
— Jan Indoe, Maison Parfaite Customer“

Incredible seller! Best of the best on Amazon!”
— Oliver Cannady, Maison Parfaite Customer

(I look forward to receiving your testimonial very soon :-)

As you'll have realized by now, your satisfaction means everything to me. I want you to LOVE your new copper products...

That's why I left no stone unturned to make sure that all copper products you receive from Maison Parfaite are made by the most highly skilled Copper Artisans in the world.

And I spared no expense in using the most rigorous quality control procedures possible. So, chances are… you'll be absolutely thrilled with your purchase.

However, just on the remote off chance you aren't totally satisfied, please do let me know. I will make it right — that's a promise.

One last thing. I want you to enjoy your mugs for a long time. In order to make that happen, please be sure to carefully read the care instructions before you begin using your new copper products. You'll find the care instructions inside a PDF, which you can download below.

You can also download your copper mug cocktail guide below.

Take care, and have a lovely day :-)

If you need help at any time, please contact us by clicking here. There's no issue too small, so please don't hesitate to get in touch :-) You'll also find FAQs about your new product by going to that link.

Critical: copper products are delicate. Before you begin using them, please be sure to carefully read the care instructions in your PDF download below. It will just take you a minute, but you'll benefit for a lifetime because you'll keep your purchases in mint condition.

To prevent tarnishing from occurring in the first place, please follow the care instructions provided with your copper products, and in the PDF which can be downloaded above.

Love your copper mugs?

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